Coffee with the Feng Shui Police

by Feng Shui Police

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Dash Elhauge
Hariz Johnson
Evan Harris

It might just be the coffee but we're jazzed as hell about this EP

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released November 1, 2015

All songs written by Dash Elhauge except ~secret track~ by Evan Harris.
Artwork by Evan Harris.
Recorded in Dash's basement by the Feng Shui Police.
Mixed and mastered by Kraig Jordan at Plan of a Boy Studio.



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Feng Shui Police Providence, Rhode Island


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Track Name: Happy
I was human once
Now I stay inside
And exercise
Try to forget my life

Clear my head
When I'm in bed
Are we still young
Without anyone?

Why don't you go away
There's nothing left to use
I made all my mistakes
Before you could

So tell me why
I'm so damn tired
I wanna say goodnite
To my whole life

Something's wrong with me
I can't believe I'm happy
Something's wrong with me
I can't believe I'm happy

A cup of tea
If nothing helps
Be lonely with me
I've got no one else
Track Name: Try
Waiting after school
Search through all the pictures too
A tree in a note when
She looks away from you

Waiting on my own
Can't catch your breath at home
Smoke your cigarette
Tell yourself you're all alone

She says you're a good man
Not what you want to hear
You wanna be her man
But you're thinking of old fear

And I
Want you to try
And I
Want you to try

Well it's tough to swallow scotch
But now that's all you've got
Sitting in your bedroom
Following the talk with nods

Do you want to be alone?
Will you always sit right there?
They told your first grade teacher
You're a staircase to nowhere
Track Name: The Other Guy
I said, "man, who's coming man,
Drifting in with the tide?"
Then you pass by
Cooler than life

Would it be so wrong
To say hello?
Slick back your shades and
Watch the world go

Man he's got his
Arm around you
You smile as
His eyes roam the room

I could listen girl
I could help
That guy's a jerk
Don't do this to yourself

Fuck the other guy

I know you're type
You sweet little thing
Cold to the world
Scared of loving everything

Bobbing tea and
Blowing off steam
Why do you ask about him?
He don't care about a thing
Track Name: Bored
Well I hold my head and moan
And the fluorescent lights groan
I get bored when you're not home
When you're here I feel alone

I feel this ringing in my ear
Like you're controlling all my fear
I've been staring for a year
So fuckin' bored when you're near
So bored when you're near

I don't mind
'Cause I'm not that kind of guy
But I'm bored when I hold you
I'm bored when I hold you

Well I was sorta hoping that you'd always help
To put me on down
Well I'm deeply in love with you so that's normally true
But it's been snowing and I'm begging for you

I don't call I fuck up
Just numb for the breakup
Say what's up I freeze up
Like some fuckin' screw up

Everything's gonna be alright
Maybe you're holding on to love too tight

I don't mind
'Cause I'm not that kind of guy
But I'm bored when I hold you
I'm bored when I hold you
So take your time
And I'll try to make you mine
'Cause I'm bored when I hold you
I'm bored when I hold you

And you say now, "I'm sorry, forgive me, you know me"
Whatever, "I love you", or some other story
I'll probably say "that's cool, let's fuck by the old school"
In morning start yearning and feeling so sorry
And you'll hold my chest like you've picked up the pieces
And I'll say I can't and you'll call me depressing
All wrapped up in white sheets like tears on a canvas
But I feel so alone
Why am I still alone?

I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
I'm bored
Track Name: Leave Me Be
Don't give me that look again
Peering from those big rims
I know how these things begin

And I'm
Not who you think I am
I am just some wide-eyed kid
Trying to keep his head together

And you
You could do much better you know
Just because I love you
Doesn't mean that yours will grow

And I
I wouldn't know what to say
I'm just trying to keep you safe
You know I live day to day

Well I'm not trying to make it out to be
More than it is
But if you leave me it'll kill me so
Just leave me be

You know
You're not the first to try
And god knows how I'd love you
But maybe I'm not the kind of guy

Who gets
To feel alright
I'll love you best behind the glass
While someone else'll hold you tight